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Note to Mind
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Welcome to Note to Mind

The place where you can further develop your mindfulness skills, which leads to more conscious decision-making. 

No-nonsense, scientific-based and practice-oriented.


Mindfulness 8-week Training

Are you often in a hurry or does the time flies by? Did you get stuck and would you like to handle things differently from now on?

Then, the 8 week mindfulness training might be a good option for you. Moreover, it is possible to get a reimbursement from your health insurer.

Mindfulness Coaching Session

Would you rather learn mindfulness skills individually? Perhaps, coaching sessions suits you better. Feel free to get in touch, so that we can find out together what suits you and your life best, in this very moment. 

For example, you can participate an 8 week mindfulness training individually at your own pace or a personalized program can be developed for you.

Mindfulness Booster Session

Have you previously joined a mindfulness training, and where you happy with the effects it had on you, but you feel like you lost this feeling over time? Sign up for a Mindfulness Booster Session or our Monthly  Mindfulness Return Meetings and reconnect yourself again. 

Just as Confusius put it: "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall". It's your time to rise again.


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