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Maintain your practice

Do you feel like you are slowly losing touch with a mindful attitude towards yourself or others? Book a mindful booster session or sign yourself up for the monthly return meetings and reconnect yourself again!

Mindful Booster

Research shows that mindfulness practice tends to decrease over time, and with that, we slowly lose touch with the mindful attitude towards ourselves and/or others. Instead of being conscious of our automatic patterns, and purposefully chosing more deliberate ways of responding, over time, automatic behaviour starts to arise again. 

Note to Mind offers two ways to stay connected to the mindful stance, so that you can continue to benefit from its positive effects; via one or several individual booster sessions, recurrent monthly group return meetings or joining a silent day.

Mindful booster or monthly return meetings to keep up your midnfulness practice
Mindfulness Booster Session

Booster sessions (45 min)

A booster session takes 45min, which, tuned to your needs, may include exploring specific challenges or themes that you may encounter, experiential learning, elaborating on theory and/or psycho-education. 



€ 75,- / session

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Monthly Return Meetings (90 min)

Each month we come together with those who are committed to practice mindfulness on a regular basis. Roughly the first half an hour is spend on bringing forward challenges that one encounters in order to gain new insights, the next half an hour is dedicated to practicing mindfulness together, and lastly there is room to share our experiences to learn from each other and further deepen our self-knowledge. 

Time & Dates

The monthly mindfulness return meetings take place on the first Sunday of each month from 7.30 to 9.00pm.

€ 39,- / return meeting

€ 29,- / return meeting (half year)
€ 19,- / return meeting (one year)

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Silent Days (4-6hrs)

Roughly each two months several silent days are provided. For example, mindfulness silent days, which are embedded in the 8 week mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) training. While others are more focused on additional themes, such as (self-)compassion, or (re-)connecting to your core values and intention setting.

Time & Dates

See agenda below.


€ 35 - 75,-  depending on the length of the silent day.

Upcoming Events


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" The monthly return meetings are very helpful for me to stay connected with living mindfully and to realise that I am not the only person that is sometimes struggling in life. Marleen creates a safe space which allows us to further deepen our practice and insights."
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